Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Creme Hair Color: Review

So when it comes to my hair, I am always a little extra careful because I have a super sensitive scalp which gets irritated at the drop of a hat. I was pretty excited when Godrej Nupur sent me a very cute hamper that included 4 shades of their newly launched Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Creme Hair Color but I wasn’t really sure if I would try it. I had originally planned to make my mommy try the color and review her experience but she is blessed with such amazing hair that I wasn’t sure if I would able to capture how these color would react if you had thin dry frizzy hair like I do.So one evening I took out a pair of gloves, found that hair color applicator brush my mommy uses and finally colored my hair for the first time.


Price: Rs 39 for 20 gm + 20 ml

The hair color comes in a simple plastic sachets. The outer covering has two more sachets inside – a developer and a color sachet. You know the product is all about coconut as soon as you open the packet. Working with the color is really easy because all you need to do is to take a bowl, open the developer and the color sachet and mix both. The product looks like henna initially and then slowly turns into the actual shade.  A packet is enough to color medium length hair so if you have long hair, you need two packets.




Now I know applying hair color at home on your own can be really messy and difficult but I did not really face too much issue with this product. A word of caution though would be that before you apply any hair color ,do a patch test to ensure that you suffer from any reaction to your scalp later. For application, wait till the developer and color mix change to the actual shade, wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands from staining,   partition you mane into small sections and start applying. Roots are the areas to concentrate when you are coloring your hair so start at the roots and then move towards the hair tips. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off.




I love the fact that this hair color is not two runny nor too thick because the balanced consistency really helps in applying it without the fear of the color dripping and creating a mess everywhere.  It has this very soothing coconut oil fragrance unlike most hair colors that smell of chemicals and bleach.



Out of the four shades that the company shared with me, I tried light brown as I did not want to try anything drastic for my first time with hair colors. I have jet black hair like most Indians so I wouldn’t say I was expecting to see a drastic difference in terms of the color payoff however what left me really surprised post hair wash was how my hair felt. My hair felt so soft post the coloring as if I had given my hair a nice hot oil treatment. I did not really see alot of difference in the color of my hair but my hair definitely looked shinier than before.

                                                                          Left: Before; Right: After

This hair color definitely got rid of every fear I ever had associated with coloring my hair.  The reason I did not try the hair color as soon as I got them was because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to mess with my scalp so close to my wedding. The patch test gave me the little nudge I needed to try them and the rest of the worries about hair fall, dry hair, increased in frizziness or aggravation of my dandruff issues were put to rest after I used the color and yes I am definitely loving the coconut fragrance. The only thing I would change would be that it would have been better if the packet came with a pair of gloves inside the  packet, rest everything is perfect and now I am so happy with the color that I might just try the burgundy color next.