Goodbye to the dull life thanks to Dell!!!

Since I started working alot of things I loved to do took a back seat as I never had enough time left. I usually have some free time late at night to catch up some movies, my favorite series, read a good book, watch YouTube videos however thanks to my kid sister who shares a room with me and shouts like a banshee if her sleep is disturbed because I turn on the television, or the big screen of my laptop is too bright or if I keep the lights on to read a book;  I had to give up on these simple joys of my life. But then the Dell Venue & tab came along.

As I mentioned in my last post…I wasn’t a big fan of e-books till I started using the tab but since the time I have started reading e-books on it, my metro journey and those late night reading sessions with a hot cup of coffee have become almost a daily feature.

Can you guess which book this is? Its a Jane Austen classic 🙂

Also, now I don’t have to bug my friends to tell me what happened in the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars as I can simply download the new episode and watch it at my own convenience. I know I can watch all these things on my phone as well but then the 7 inch screen just makes the watching experience a little better. 

Catching up with the new episode of PLL :p

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before on this blog but I have this weird habit of watching my favorite movies over and over again I have the time. I think I have watched DDLJ atleast a 100 times, Jab We Met around 60-70 times and I don’t think I can put a number to the number of times I have watched Kagaz Ke Phool and Mughal-e-Azam. Particularly on weekends when I can afford to stay awake till really late (without the fear of not getting up on time the next day)..I watch them again and well this weird “ritual”of mine has become such an easy-peasy task with the tab. I have all these movies stored in the tab…yup I am utilising the 16 GB to the max and totally loving it 😀

Jab We Met :D!!!!

Another great habit I am able to maintain thanks to the tab is reading the newspaper. See I have this annoying news paper vendor who says he can’t deliver the news paper before 8 30 am and well that’s way past the time I have to leave for work. Once in a blue moon when I am pleasantly surprised to find the newspaper at my doorstep as I leave, I decide to carry it in the hopes to read it in the metro only to realise that its not a good plan as my newspaper ends up receiving a good bashing thanks to the crowded situation in the metro. Now I get up in the morning, make myself a good cup of tea, take my tablet to my favorite spot a.k.a my balcony and read my morning paper in peace :). 

Basically, this tablet has kind of become an integral part of my daily schedule. Whether its blogging or workout or just plain and simple entertainment…the tab has excelled in every field and its pretty rare for me to leave the house without it these days and on the days that I do…i really miss it :).

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