Greeting Cards In August

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that August was a busy month for me because a lot of people I love are born in August which basically means the whole month goes into planing and executing birthday parties. I am a sucker for birthdays and making birthday card…it is my own form of therapy…my me time. I made three different cards for three very important people last month and here they are

Origami Shirt Card For My Dad……

My dad doesn’t like us to fuss about his birthday to much and absolutely hates it if we put to much effort into anything for his special day…yup he is weird like that :p so I decided to make him a simple card using a lot of bright colors. This was probably the easiest card I have made in a while…I just found a good tutorial online to make a collared shirt and tie and that’s it…the rest was simple cutting and pasting.



Sending Birthday Wishes To A Special Friend….

The friend in question is better than me at everything except maybe art and craft (and well singing and dancing but we both suck at it so I am not counting those) so I always try to make something special card for his birthday and that is pretty much my gift to him. I love balloons and the birthday boy was away due to work commitments so I decided to combine both these things for this card. The tedious part was working with tiny circular pieces….took a lot of patience but the final product was worth it.



Envelope Card For The Sweetest Aunt in the World…

One big advantage of getting married is that you get a super extended family and one of them is my fiance’s maternal aunt or maasi and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I already had a maasi who spoils me but now I have two :). I had alot on  my plate before her birthday including planning the day so I decided to make a simple envelope shaped card for her.