Hair Care with Hot Oil Treatment

Hello Girls,
I hope you guys are having a great weekend. For me, Sunday is all about pampering myself- after a whole week of stress, late nights and completely ignoring taking care of my hair and skin, its the day that I pamper them the most. This week was particularly hectic 🙁 , due to the wedding I tortured my hair more than usual thanks to all the styling and not to mention the daily hair wash and excessive exposure to heat and chemicals. So today I decided to show some love to my tresses, and what can be better for damaged and dry hair during winters than a hot oil massage. 
The kind of oil used for an oil massage is as important as the massage. I have always suffered from one or another hair issue whether its hair fall or dandruff or itchy scalp, so when I expose my hair to too much styling I use this very simple yet very effective mixture of oils for the massage. This was suggested by a friend of mine a few months back and ever since I have started using it, I can see alot of improvement in my dandruff and hair fall problem, also it leaves my hair all shiny and soft.
If you want to try it, here’s what you need to do 
The quantity of oil can be varied according to hair length but the three oils should be in equal quantity.
Do try it and tell with me how it worked for you 🙂