Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

While 2016 turned to be one hell of a roller-coaster for me but I am grateful for most part of it. I think this year taught me a lot and helped me to grow as an individual professionally as well as personally so I would like to believe ( more like hope :p) that I am more sorted than I was when the year began. 2016 reinstated my faith in my capabilities, the fact that someone watches over me even though I don’t believe in the act of “praying” everyday and most of all in the power of Karma. Lastly I was happy to have traveled more than I had planned this year particularly ecstatic about having ended and starting the new year with another round of vacation.

I hope you all had a great year as well and you are as excited about 2017 as I am. A very happy new year to my digital family and big hug for the love you have always given me. Thank you!!!!