Happy New Year!!!!!

I absolutely hated 2014. It started on a bad note and after spending almost 3/4th of the year crying and cribbing, I finally found a little peace in these last few months. I am definitely upset about saying goodbye to people who mattered to me however I am also grateful for the people who decided to stay by my side no matter how crazy, annoying, cranky, sad, moody, upset or stupid I was. I am also really happy that this year has finally ended and I have alot to look forward to in 2015. 
I am sorry about being really lazy with the blog this year and I will try to change that . Thank you for coming back to my little blog and showing your appreciation….big hugs for all of you :). I wish each and every one you a very happy new year! I hope this year brings loads of joy and happiness in your life. No resolutions for me this year as I know its going to be a crazy one and I already have alot of plans to execute so I don’t really plan to add anything to my plate.