Hard Candy Sheer Envy Mattifying Primer: Review

You know I am all about trying new brands right now and my new obsession is drugstore brands from the states. I stumbled upon the brand Hard Candy while looking for some makeup brushes and the cute packaging that this brand has for its product warped me into trying out  few things. Being an oily-combination skin type, I am always looking for a a pocket friendly primer so it was a no-brainer to try the Hard Candy Shine-Free Sheer Envy Primer from their facial primers range.

Price: $8 for 28 gms


The Hard Candy Shine-Free Sheer Envy Primer comes in a cute shiny black and blue tube packaging with a flip-top cap. The tube is easy to travel with and use as it is the squeezy tube so its super easy to get the product out. The flip top cap stays in place but its always a good idea to add the little piece of tape on any kind of tube packaging particularly if you re flying with them.

Texture & Product

The primer has thick formula with a gel like consistency. It is a translucent silicone primer so it spread quite easily and a little quantity goes a long way. You do need to wear a moisturizer under it because it will accentuate any dry patches on your skin.

My Experience

I have used quite  few primers as Indian summers and my skin type are not a great combination so I did have quite a decent benchmark to judge this product and it did not disappoint in most areas.

The velvety texture that settles into almost like powder finish is amazing for soaking up access oil. It blurs out pores and gives my skin an even finish and a nice base to build on The only challenge i figuring out the quantity you need because this product does not layer well.  If you end up taking more than you need then the primer ends up rolling of and flaking out.

I was honestly going to dismiss this primer as a cheap and ineffective option after the first two times I used it.  On the third try however, I somehow squeezed out less product than the usual quantity and voila! it worked!

My makeup lasts longer by atleast 3 hours when I wear his primer and I do not have to touch up my oily t-zone more than once which is a big thing for someone with my skin type.

Final Verdict

This is definitely a cost effective and efficient primer for oily and oily combination skin type but you have to learn to work with it. I wouldn’t suggest it for sensitive skin as silicon based primers are comedogenic and can cause issues for someone with skin sensitivity. Other than the initial struggle with figuring out the right quantity,  every thing else receives a big thumbs up from me.

Have you tried the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Mattifying Primer?

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