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He Said She Said, Raasta and Elma’s @ Hauz Khas Village…A Long Lunch With Friends

Last weekend the rain gods were extra benevolent on Delhi and while the downside of this was that traffic and roads were a mess the upside was that the weather was amazing :). Not to loose the opportunity to enjoy this awesome, me and my friend decided to meet up for lunch at Hauz Khas Village. For those of you who aren’t really aware about the place well Hauz Khas village is what you can call an urban village in Delhi.It is the perfect example of the eclectic mix of cultures that Delhi is famous for as one part of this South Delhi tourist hub has 800 year old ruins  that is adjacent a beautiful lake while the other part has really unique shops, bookstores, art galleries, designer outlets and concept restaurants.
 As we had not planned anything we ended up having are lunch in bits and pieces at different restaurants. The  nip in the air was just perfect to drown down some drinks with nice snacks so the first place that we visited was He Said She Said. If you want  me to describe my experience of this place in a word….I would say PATHETIC!!!

We had heard so many good things about this place, especially their flavored drinks but the food and the drinks turned out to be really disappointing. The drinks were ordinary, I personally found  them to be too sweet even though I refrained from trying the ones that were fruit based. With the drinks we ordered Garlic Chicken Wings and Cottage Cheese in Black Bean Sauce. The Garlic Chicken was bland, there was absolutely no flavor in the chicken. The Cottage Cheese in the Black Bean Sauce was on the other hand so salty and tasted like soy sauce that none of us to took the second serving. The only good thing about the place was that the service is quite prompt.

The Shots Menu

The shots looked interesting but tasted weird 🙁

The Garlic Chicken…which was totally bland :p

After the disastrous experience that we had at He Said She Said, we decided somewhere more reliable and that where Raasta came in. Raasta is a Caribbean themed lounge and has superb interiors and ambiance.  Its interior design and bright colors of green, gold and red have been inspired by the Rastafarian culture and the restaurant pays tribute to legends such as Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix etc. Raasta also has a outdoor seating but unfortunately there is not much of a view from there so me and my friends decided to sit inside.

Raasta- The Caribbean Lounge

Raasta’s outdoor seating

Even though the menu doesn’t have too many names on it especially if you are vegetarian, whatever they have on it tastes really good. This time we ordered wild mushroom risotto which came with assortment of breads, vegetable red thai curry with rice and smoked chicken pizza. I absolutely loved the risotto and even though I prefer green thai curry rather than the red one, it was definitely delicious.

The wild mushroom risotto…super creamy and super yummy 😀

Vegetable Red Thai Curry…by the time I could get a chance to click…my friends were half way through it 😛

My favorite….Long Island Ice Tea 😀

The final stop was Elma’s . Even though it was weekend and the place was full we did find a cosy corner and ordered some really mouth watering desserts. We tried the red velvet cake and the muddy chocolate cake which came drowned in chocolate sauce.

We had planned a walk in the fort after this but unfortunately it started raining again so we had to skip that. But we do plan to visit it again so stay tuned for a visual tour once that happens. Overall apart from He Said She Said experience ( we literally fled that place :p) the rest of the day went really went. I would definitely suggest visiting Raasta, its a really nice place to hangout with friends and of course Elma’s for desserts 😉