Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer : Review

Did you know that you laptop keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat…yup…you read that right,,,gross isn’t it. While I can’t do anything about not touching my keyboard, I can do something about making sure that all those germs do not end up infecting me so I keep a hand sanitizer handy at all time. Being a clean freak, I was more than delighted when Himalaya shared five variants from their Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer and I am ready to share my opinion with you all.

Price: Rs 80 for 100 ml

The Himalaya Pure Hans Hand Sanitizer comes in a durable transparent plastic bottles with flip-top caps. The color of the bottle has the same color as the variants. In terms of packaging, the bottle is easy to use, doesn’t take much space and the cap is strong so no hassles in carrying it around.

The sanitizer has a thick gel like consistency but it is not clammy and spreads easily so just a drop of the product is enough to cover both hands. One of my biggest pet peeve with sanitizers is when they keep feeling wet or sticky after application but the Himalaya sanitizers pretty much disappears from my hands as soon as I have applied and rubbed it together.

The hand sanitizers are now available in five variants including a basic one. The other variants available are in Strawberry, Green Apple, Orange and Litchi fragrances. Out of all the variants, the normal, strawberry and orange ones are my favorite while I found the litchi and green apple variants to be a little too intense for my liking.

The scent lingers for a few minutes of application and get rid of the even strong odours like onion or garlic. Also, as I mentioned before that I am addicted to using sanitizers but one of the downsides is dryness however these sanitizers did not cause any dryness even though these are alcohol based.

Overall, it is a good pocket-friendly product that does what it claims. The sanitizer doesn’t dry out my hands, gets rid of any unwanted odour and germs while adding some amazing fragrance to your hands. I have also used them to sanitize my brushes and there has not been any issue with them in fact I have noticed that my acne and break outs have reduced whenever I sanitize my brushes before using them before I get a chance to wash them.