How To Beat The Heat!!!

When the temperature is already touching early forties, you literally end of with a heat stroke the moment you walk out post 10 am.  I have a pretty acne prone skin and a very sensitive scalp so summers is definitely not my best friend but I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to prevent excessive damage which I am going to share with guys today!!!

Tip # 1: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!!

I know you might have heard this like a zillion times but yes, water is your buddy when it comes to keeping your skin and hair healthy during the hotter months. Mix it up a little and instead of normal water, try fruit infused water or even a few slices of cucumber will do.  Fresh fruit juices are also a great way to get that water content up in your body.

Tip # 2: Prevention and protection is always better than cure

While getting rid of that stubborn tan takes weeks, preventing them from happening by protecting your skin using the right sunscreen needs only a few minutes. Go for light weight sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection with atleast an SPF of 30 or higher. If you think you are going to be exposed to the sun for long period of times then try and wear a bandanna to protect your hair and clothing that will cover your arms using a light weight and breathy shrug. Also, when you are applying your sunscreen, do so 20 minutes before going outside so that the product can penetrate and re-apply it every couple of hours throughout the day.

Tip # 3: Exfoliate

If you do not exfoliate then summer is a good time to start and if you do then it is essential that you increase the frequency but use a lighter and a gentler exfoliator. In summers everything from sunscreen, sweat, makeup and excess oil tend to stick to your skin clogging the pores and building up a dull layer on the skin so in order to make sure that you have a clear skin, it is essential atleast exfoliate twice a week, maybe more but make sure you do not use harsh products and are very gentle with your skin when you are exfoliating as well.

Tip # 4: Look beyond your face

Whenever we talk about summer skin care routine, we only talk about the face but it is essential that you pay attention to the rest of your body as well particularly your hands and your feet. Keep that hand cream handy and make sure you apply it generously after the multiple hand washes. Wearing sandals or flip flops  in the heat can lead to painful cracks and dryness so spend an extra five minutes in the shower with a  pumice stone to gently rub away any hard skin and do not forget to apply a good moisturizer and sunscreen before you head out for the day.

Tip # 5: Hear your hair!!

There is a reason why alot of people opt to cut their hair short during summers and it is not just the fact that it helps to beat the beat but also because it a painful thing to take care of your hair during the hot weather. Start reading labels and try and introduce products that have sun protection for your hair.

If you have dry frizzy hair then switch to a heavy conditioner during summers to ensure your tresses get the required moisture. Also make sure that you have a good serum or leave-on conditioner as moving around in the sun can cause alot of dryness. Also before hair wash, give your hair some TLC with a good oil massage or apply deep conditioning hair pack every week. Also avoid heat styling as much as you can as your hair already tends to be on the drier side during these months and applying more heat will just make it worse.

A good way to prevent damage to your hair is to actually wear them in a braid or a bun during the summers. These hairstyles not only help protect your hair from heat exposure help you beat the heat while looking cute.

Tip # 6: Wear makeup that won’t melt

While it feels like you can’t wear any makeup when its soo hot outside, I say you can but you have to wear the right one. Mineral makeup is definitely something that I would definitely recommend as they are non-comedogenic.

Try and use makeup that has SPF which will help you skip that additional layer of sunscreen. Also when it comes to foundation, wear a light weight water proof foundation or just a BB which will give you the coverage of a foundation without being too heavy. It also helps to introduce primers and fixing sprays in your makeup routine when the temperature goes up to keeping your makeup in place

I hope these tips will help you save your skin and hair from all the heat and discomfort. Don’t forget to share your favorite tips to beat the heat in the comment section below 🙂