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How to Clean Makeup Brushes in 8 Simple Steps

Hey Girls 🙂

Well by now you know how much I love makeup. When it comes to playing around with it or buying it, I can spend hours but there is one thing related to it for which I always tend to feel really lazy and that’s washing my makeup brushes 🙁
But unfortunately, not washing them regularly is not really an option as unclean brushes can lead to breakouts, skin irritations and even eye infections! Add oily sensitive skin to this equation and you have a host of skin problems in your hand.
So here are a set of simple steps that I follow every week to get clean brushes.
Step 1: Line up your brushes

Step 2: Take lukewarm water in a clean bowl

Step 3: Take your regular shampoo and add a few drops to the water. Mix it in the water using one of the brushes

Step 4: Soak all your brushes in this water and let them sit for 5-7 minutes 

Step 5: Take out your brushes one at a time from the shampoo water, and wash them under running tap water. Make sure the flow is not too high as that can distort the shape of the brushes.

Step 6: Take a fresh bowl of water, add a few drops of your regular conditioner and mix it  in the water with a spoon

Step 7: Take out the brushes and wash them again under tap water.
Step 8: Take a clean piece of towel or cloth and neatly place your wet brushes on them. Never let your brushes dry in the upright position as it loosens the glue that sits at the base of your bristles thus increasing the shredding of the bristles.

The thicker brushes like the blush brush, powder brush and the kabuki take around 48 hours to dry but most of the brushes dry overnight. I usually wash them on Saturday after I have used them and let them dry over the remaining weekend.
So how do you wash your makeup brushes?
Any particular steps that you follow?
Do comment below and tell me about it 🙂