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I Am Getting Hitched!!!!!!!!

Well if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then this is probably old news for you but yes yours truly is finally bidding goodbye to her singlehood. 
To who…remember sailor boy who keeps making special appearances in my reviews…well he is the guy :p.
Its a cross cultural wedding…sailor boy is punjabi while I am a bong so everything is going to happen in two different ways…but thankfully we are going to have one wedding ceremony which is scheduled around end of this year.
The whole process has already been initiated. We had the punjabi style roka thingy in July and a small engagement, sagan and aashirwad function( told you everything is happening twice :p ) a few days back ( He even squeezed in a mini on one knee surprise proposal in between all this…more deets on that later)
All in all the next 9ish months are going to be pretty crazy for me. I am a total control freak and turn into a nervous wreck even if the smallest of the things go wrong. Add to that the fact that sailor boy is leaving in a few weeks and I am supposed to handle all the wedding preps for both the sides…basically I am going to make an excellent bridezilla. So now I am going to drag all of you into this crazy process as well in the hope that you guys might help me with some of my queries and well if any of you bride to be find help in any of my posts…nothing better than that.
I am just about to finalize the pictures from my engagement/sagan/aashirwad( pheww…how did I even survive all these ceremonies :/) ceremony and I am going to share them with you pretty soon. 
Till then let me know if there are anymore bride to be’s out there going crazy like I am……How are you handling all the preparations? What are your plans? Any tips? Share them with me 🙂
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