I Love Long Hair Blind Test- First Impression

You guys remember I received samples of a shampoo and conditioner for blind test a few days back? So I still don’t know what the brand is but I have already used it twice so I am going to tell you guys about my first impression about the shampoo and the conditioner.

Shampoo- Pearly white runny liquid….very light and spreads easily
Conditioner- Again pearly white…its thicker and more creamy than the shampoo




As I had mentioned in my first post when I received the product….the shampoo and the conditioner have this amazing floral fragrance. It lingers for a while and fades which is quite sad because I love the fragrance.
My Experience:
I oil my hair before I wash them and usually I apply very heavy oils like olive oil, almond oil and sometimes mustard oil as well so my first observation whenever I try a new shampoo is to see how many rinses are required to get rid of all the oil from my hair. For this shampoo, my hair was squeaky clean  after a single wash…I think the fact that it lathers alot helped.
The shampoo did not aggravate my dandruff . It actually reduced the itchiness I had in my scalp plus I did not see any increase in my hair fall. 
The conditioner looks super creamy but when you use it its not the thickest or most creamy conditioner out there and I did require to use a little more of it than my usual conditioner but the results were amazing.
My hair looked shiny and I couldn’t help touching them all day because of how soft they felt. I did assume that it was a one time thing as I had switched a new shampoo but I saw the same results when i tried the shampoo again. 
Overall, I am loving this shampoo at the moment but I’ll be back in a few days again after I have tried it a few more times to be absolutely sure of the results.