Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum: Review

Monsoon pretty much equals to frizzy hair for me so it wasn’t a surprise that I was eyeing the hair care section during my last visit to the Innisfree store. One product that caught my attention visually was the Innisfree Camellia range with its bright red packaging so I decided to try the camellia hair oil serum.

Price: Rs 900 for 100 ml

As I mentioned above, I was instantly attracted to the packaging of this product. The Innisfree Camellia Hair Oil Serum comes in a beautiful red plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. Most Innisfree products have a protective cap for their dispensers and this packaging is no different. The bottle not only looks pretty but is quite durable, easy to use and quite travel-friendly as well so a big thumbs up for the packaging.

This serum is a clear oily liquid with a pleasant floral fragrance which fades away after a few minutes of application. The consistency is great as it is neither too thick nor too thin so it spreads easily on damp hair. I have shoulder length hair now so a single pump is more than sufficient to cover them.

The serum is very light and doesn’t feel oily or sticky post application. It gets absorbed very easily if applied on damp hair however you need to careful if you are applying this on dry hair as it might weigh down your hair if not applied properly.

The serum makes my hair supple and adds a bit of shine to them. I usually concentrate the product more on the ends of my hair which are the problem areas and I have observed that my hair ends feel and look more moisturized after I have applied the serum. The product doesn’t usually weigh down your hair but you must make sure you spread it well and evenly.

All in all, I do like the serum and it did deliver what a serum is meant to do but I did not get any exceptional outcomes after using it. It is a good addition to my haircare routine and does improve the texture and look of my hair plus it is economical. A good option of you are looking for a pocket friendly serum that does what it claims.