Innisfree Daphne Blossom Perfumed Body Lotion: Review

The weather has been making me soo happy lately….why you ask? Well for someone who has lived in Delhi, winters are a welcome relief because summers are unbearable, monsoons are more less pleasant more humid so winter is the only time when you can enjoy roaming around the city gorging on the yummy street food. Last year the winters were barely cold but this year, I have been loving the dropping temperature but I am pretty sure my skin doesn’t share my sentiments. My skin tends to become pretty dry during the colder months and now that the temperatures are touching all time low, my skin is all scaly and dry. To make sure I have all the fun I intend to have during my favorite season, I ensure that I have a good body lotion by my side and this time I decided to try the Innisfree Daphne Blossom Body Lotion.

Price: Rs 1200 for 300 ml

Innisfree Daphne Blossom Body Lotion comes in a lavender plastic bottle with a pump opening. I love the pump packaging because it is so easy to use and hygienic plus  the pump has a lock mechanism which makes it perfect to travel with. The only thing I don’t like about the packaging is that it is an opaque bottle so I can’t keep track of the quantity left in it.

The lotion is a white in color with a semi-runny consistency and a strong floral fragrance. It is a water based body lotion so spread easily and gets absorbed in a matter of a few seconds. The lotion feels pretty light on the skin so there is no sticky feeling.  Also, I absolutely love the fragrance and the fact that it lingers post application.

In terms of the moisturizing power, the lotion does a good job for a few hours post which there is a need to reapply it. I love the texture but I feel it is a little to light for my dry skin and definitely inadequate to provide the kind of moisturizing effect during the winters. It might however work really well during the hotter months and keep the skin soft and supple without making it greasy.

Overall, the Innisfree Daphne Blossom Perfumed Body Lotion does make my skin pretty soft and smooth but it turned out to be a more of a good option for summers rather than the colder months. I love the texture and the fragrance, the quantity is great, the price tag is a little steep but the quality is worth spending a few extra bucks for.