Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack: Review

One part of the skincare that annoys the living daylight out me is getting rid of the pesky blackheads. No matter how much I try or scrub, these stubborn little dots appear on my skin and they particularly love my nose. One of the ways I try to keep these annoying bumps away is to scrub and use nose strips regularly. The latest nose strips I tried were from one of my favorite skin care brands – Innisfree and that too from the Jeju Volcanic range. I have used this range before and the products worked so well for my skin that I definitely had sky high expectations from these as well.

Price: Rs 250 for 6 strips


The Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack come in a cardboard packaging which has the individual strips inside it. The strips in turn are in a sachet like packaging. The packaging is nothing special and juts lists out the ingredients and the process to use the strip.  The strips are beige and have the usual nose like strips like most of its counter parts and are pasted on a transparent sheet

My Experience

As I said, I had pretty high hopes with these nose stripes but a little prep never goes to waste so I cleansed my face followed by a little bit of scrubbing to open up the pores. I then apply the nose strip and even though the strip has an adhesive, I make sure that my nose is a bit moist before applying the strip.

As per the direction in the packaging, the strip needs to be kept on the nose for around 15 minutes post which I slowly removed it one side at a time. The thing about nose strips is that even though they hurt like hell, looking at the white heads and black heads stuck to them at the end id soo satisfying and this strip gave me that joy.

The strip got most of the  the blackheads, white heads and even a bit of tiny hair out in a single application. It is definitely one of the few nose strips I have tried that got so much of the impurities out in one go leaving my skin really clean and soft. The strip definitely sticks on the nose a bit aggressively so there is a slight irritation once you remove it but nothing that a little bit of toner cannot resolve.

Final Verdict

I usually had to take care of my black heads every three weeks or so but considering that the Innisfree jeju volcanic nose pack gets most of the gunk out of my pores, I have reduced the frequency of putting myself through the torture of ripping of the blackheads of my nose to once in 6 weeks. I did not get any adverse reactions from the strip and my nose feels really clean particularly the whole week after I use it. Overall, I can say that the Innisfree nose pack did live up to my expectation, infact they performed much better than what I had anticipated. Is it worth a try? Hell yeah!!

Which is your favorite nose strip?

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