Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Cleanser : Review

Everyday, my bath time is the only time I can relax before the grind begins so I make it a point that I enjoy this “me” time to the fullest. One of the thing that make my showers the perfect start to my day are good body washes so the last time I visited the Innisfree store, I couldn’t resist strolling over their bath section and pick up the pretty looking bottle of the Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Cleanser


Price: Rs 750 for 300 ml

The Innisfree My Body Jasmine Body Cleanser comes in a transparent pink plastic bottle packaging with a flip-top cap. The packaging is simple and functional so there is nothing that I do not like about it.


The body wash is a clear liquid with pretty runny consistency. The thing that I love about this body wash is that the moment I open the cap, my whole washroom is filled with its amazing fragrance. Even though the product has a floral fragrance, it is not overpowering and lingers for some time after the shower. I would have loved the product even more if the fragrance lasted longer.

The cleanser is pretty gentle and mild on the skin. It lathers up well so you do not need much quantity to cover your whole body. It doesn’t leave any kind of annoying layer of product behind and I am able to wash off the product very easily.

My skin doesn’t feel dry or stretchy after using this product and I did not have any skin irritation. I have definitely observed that my skin feels alot more moisturized after I have used this body wash than the ones I had used before but that doesn’t mean that I can skip applying lotion afterwards.


I hate using heavy body washes in summers so this body cleanse with its gel texture and soothing fragrance has proved to be a really good choice. I love how fresh and relaxed I feel after using this product and I am so going to try other variants from this range once I finish up this bottle.