Innisfree Orchid Massage Cream: Review

Today’s post is in continuity of the Innisfree Orchid Range review that I started with reviewing the eye cream. If you want to read the review, click here. The next product in line is the Innisfree Orchid Range that I tried was the massage cream.



Price:  Rs 1500

The Innisfree Orchid Massage Cream comes in a plastic tub packaging with a screw on cap. The packaging is quite good in terms of quality and you can travel with it without any hassles. Again, it doesn’t come with a spatula so the only concern I have with the packaging is in terms of hygiene.



The texture is very similar to the eye cream and it feels like a combination of a gel and a cream.  The consistency however is a little thicker than the other creams in the range but like the other products,  it is pretty smooth so you do not have to work with it to get it absorbed. Fragrance wise the range has completely won my heart and I love the mild floral fragrance.


I have to be honest, this product the least favorite of mine from the range not because it is not a good product but it is simply not meant for my skin type. Even though this cream doesn’t feel heavy, the moisturising effect it gives is definitely a little too heavy for my combination oily skin. The only time I ended up using it was when I gave my skin the weekly clean up because after all that scrubbing, my skin needs some extra moisture and even then I do remove the extra cream with a tissue



I think this particular product is more suitable for someone who has dry skin and would work really well for them. I particularly like the texture because it is not exactly creamy and more like a creamy gel. I was definitely a bit disappointed that this cream turned out to be so heavy because this range is supposed to work for all skin types. I do think that a more suitable product for oily or oily combination skin will be the gel cream from this range which unfortunately was not part of the press kit so it is not part of the review this week but I do plan to buy it during my next visit to the Innisfree store so hopefully you will a review on the blog soon enough.