Just Herbs I’Mint Green Tea-Vetiver Nourishing Toning Pack: Review

I just talked about the first Just Herbs product I had tried a few days ago and I have to say the first experience tempted me to to pick up some more stuff from them. The latest product I tried from the brand was the Just Herbs I’Mint Green Tea-Vetiver Nourishing Toning Pack and I have been using it for almost a month now and I am going to tell you all about my experience today.


Price: Rs 395 for 60 gms.

The Just Herbs I’Mint Green Tea-Vetiver Nourishing Toning Pack comes in a transparent plastic packaging with a screw on golden cap.It also has this stopper under the neck which prevents the face pack from spilling or touching the cap. I like the fuss free packaging and really appreciate the tiny little stopper that the brand decided to put because I have lost count of the times I ended up spilling more products than I have used.


The pack is a fine pale green powder and it smells of mint the moment you remove the stopper. I am a little biased towards powder based packs because they last longer, you have control over the thickness of the texture when you apply it and there is no fear of the pack drying up or getting infected. The mint fragrance lingers on even when you apply the pack so if you like me and love mint based anything, you will really enjoy this face pack.



I like add a little bit of rose-water to the face pack but you can mix it with yogurt or milk as well depending on your skin type. The face pack takes a good 20 minutes to dry after which I remove it while massaging my skin in small circular motions. It does feel slightly grainy after drying  but the scrubbing effect is super mild so wouldn’t help you to exfoliate your face.


I do feel that my skin feels alot fresher after using this face pack and it has lately become my go to face pack when I want to wake up my skin after a long day. My skin also looks brighter so I am pretty sure it is working on removing my tan as well. The product claims to have anti-inflammatory with cooling action which gives a toning effect to the skin and I have to say they do fulfill the claim . The green tea in it helps in calming down any kind of breakouts I have on the skin while the mint and vetiver takes care of the cooling sensation part up to the claim.

Overall, it is definitely a great product to alm down your skin and give it a boost. I have used more than a dozen times already and have not been disappointed . I love the minty freshness, the fragrance and the clean and glowing face I get every time I use it. I have to say Just herbs is slowly turning out to be a brand my skin is falling in love with and I am pretty sure you are going to see a lot more of this brand on the blog very soon.