Just Herbs Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack: Review

While I am loving all the fried food I am eating using the rainy season as an excuse, I am not happy with the effect monsoon has on my skin. The humidity is making my skin really sensitive so I have to make sure I pamper it a little more otherwise I am punished with a zillion breakouts. One of the skin care products I was trying is the┬áJust Herbs Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack. I think this is the third face pack I have bought from the brand and I was very happy with ones I tested before so this product had been burdened with a lot of expectations even before I had tried it. Let’s find out if the product was able to fulfill my sky-high expectations or did it crash on its face?


Price: Rs 395 for 150 gms.

The Just Herbs Instaglow Almond Complexion Pack comes in a transparent plastic jar with a metallic copper screw on cap. I like the fact that the packaging is transparent because I know exactly how much product is left. The cap stays in place and the jar is not too bulky or big so you can easily carry it around. Basically, no issues with the  packaging so lets move on to the inside stuff.

This face pack is a clay based pack with a thick consistency but really smooth texture. I like how the pack is creamy enough to spread on its own without the need of adding any additional base like milk, rosewater or yogurt. It spreads well so you can have a nice rich coat of the pack on your face without using to much of it. After application, it takes around 20 minutes to dry of completely.


Washing it off is not difficult and you just need to use cold water to wet the pack, massage it to exfoliate your skin lightly while removing it. The pack doesn’t any kind of residue behind and leaves your skin quite fresh. I love the cleansing effect the pack as on my skin and I really appreciate the glow it adds after application.


Humidity is like a nightmare for oily skin ( OK…I know everything is a nightmare for oily skin but sticky sweaty weather is definitely the worst) so the fact that this pack helps to take away that sticky feeling from my face after a long day is a really big deal for me. I did notice a little bit of redness near the areas where I have blemishes or breakouts but the redness subsides after a few minutes of washing of the pack. My skin looks much cleaner and I have noticed that after a couple uses my skintone started looking more even.


Overall, I can say that Just Herb has not disappointed me and I really like this mask. I love the nice little cleanse it gives my skin and the glow with even skin tone is an added bonus. The price is not to heavy on the pocket, the quality is great, the quantity is sufficient and icing on the cake, all ingredients are organic and herbal. If you are looking for something to give your skin a little bit of extra cleansing boost without making all dry and stretchy, try this pack.