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Just Married Please Excuse: Book Review

Hi everybody,
When it comes to our Desi writers…I am a little hesitant. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to generalize but its just that most books after a few pages seem like novel of Chetan Bhagat with a different cover and a different author name.
These days however I am going against this hesitation and have been picking up books by Indian authors and some of these books have definitely surprise me alot. One such book is Just Married Please Excuse by Yashodhara Lal.

A few days ago I posted about Pantene Indiblogger Meet that I attended and it was there that we got the opportunity to chat with Yashodhara Lal. She was there to got about the Indiblogger get published initiative and share some writing tips. This talk by the very charming mother of three was one of the reasons that I decided to buy this book and I am really glad that I did.
So the plot is obviously involves getting married. The story is about Yashodhara(Y) and Vijay(V) which are names of real people (the author and her husband). Y and V meet, they get married, become parents to Anoushka (Peanut, as they fondly call her), realize they have
differences, fight,and finally try to find a way to work around the situation. I know there is nothing unusual about the story but its not the story that makes the book special its the way it has been written
As I mentioned, it was the interaction that we had with the author that made me buy this book, and that’s because there was a certain level honesty in her talk and that is the kind of writing you find in the book. Also the blogger turned author has a very good of sense of humor( actually its more of a sarcastic sense of humor, if you know what i mean) which again is visible in the book.
There are numerous instances in the book that leave you teary eyed because you just cant stop laughing. I had a ball reading the authors observations about day to day events that we all experience in life, in marriage and with kids.
The story has a good pace and the author has done a great job at character development. It is her sheer quality of observation even about the simplest of situations and her unique way of describing them that keeps you hooked to the book.
So I obviously love the book. I enjoyed every bit of the story ( you can judge that by the fact that I finished it in one sitting…around 4 hours 🙂 ) and would definitely not mind going back to it a few more times. I would obviously recommend this book because its one of those books which you read and even after a while you remember a certain part of it and go back to it to re-read that part and enjoy it all over again.