Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid: Review

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid was one product that was recommended to me by everyone I had discussed my skin woes with them. I have used Kama Ayurveda products and liked them plus when you hear half a dozen people raving about something you obviously get a little curious followed by going ahead with make a big hole in your pocket by buying it and that is exactly what I did :p.


Price: Rs 1800 for 12 ml.

The Kumkumadi oil comes in this teeny tiny brown glass bottle with a golden screw-on cap, and a dropper with it. To be honest I got a mini heart attack when I saw the size of the bottle considering the amount I paid for it. If you remove the label, the bottle could be easily confused with some kind of an eye drop bottle. The product itself has this yellow tinge to it from the saffron and in it. The packaging is not really clumsy user-friendly with such an expensive product coming in a glass bottle and well it tends to leak a little so I don’t really find very travel friendly as well.


If you have used Kama Ayurveda products you would know they don’t really shine in the fragrance department as they do not add any artificial fragrances to their products. Kumkumadi is no exception and has this really strong but the good thing is that it doesn’t linger after application so just you just need to bear it till you apply the product.

Texture wise it seems pretty thick which again was a major concern for me as I have an oily combination skin and I was kind of afraid that it might sit on my face causing to me break out. A very simple work around I found for the texture was to apply the oil when the face is still a little damp. this helps the product to spread easily and evenly. Surprisingly even though the texture is a little thick and the oil is a little heavy, it gets absorbs into the skin in a matter of seconds.


Now finally let’s discuss if the product lived up to all the hype. My answer is a big YES and I would definitely say that it is one of the best skin care products I have ever used. I was able to see a drastic difference in my skin after a few days of usage and now that I have used it for almost a month, my skin has never been better. I had these stubborn acne marks that refused to budge no matter what I tried and they have almost faded, my skin is so soft and moisturized which is not something I see when we experience season changes, I have a healthy glow if without applying a foundation or a cream or a sunscreen and the best thing is it is slowly getting rid of these stubborn dark circles I have been struggling with for a while. I am in the “How Did I Survive Without You” kind of zone with this product right now.



The only issue you might face with the product is identifying the quantity that will work for you. This oil is perfect for every skin type, the only thing is that if you have oily ,combination or sensitive skin then be a little cautious about going over board with the quantity. I just take 2-3 drops of the product and it is sufficient for my face and neck. Also, try to apply it on moist skin because that ensures correct and complete absorption reducing the chances of breakout.


All in all, this is one product that I would urge you to try if you are trying to get rid of skin woes like dryness, dullness and acne marks. It is definitely on the expensive side now but it is worth every penny you spend on it.I am so happy that I tried it and it is not going anywhere from my skin care routine for a very long time. Highly recommended product!!!!