Kara Make-Up Removal Wipes With Seaweed & Lavender: Review

We all have our lazy days but being a makeup enthusiast while being a lazy girl never ends well. Why? Well because while you are happy and cheerful when you are getting ready to attend a party or outing, all you want to do when you come back is going to bed. Somehow at that point of time cleaning up your makeup seems like such a mammoth task that usually sleeping with makeup on seems like the better option. I am guilty of this really bad habit as well and on numerous occasions, I am just too lazy tired to remove my makeup so I go to bed with it and sure enough wake up looking like a ghost with an added bonus of multiple breakouts. After having done the same thing more than I would have liked, I decided to look for a quick way out ( it has to  be quick because lazy girl here…remember :p) and decided to try Kara Make-Up Removal Wipes With Seaweed & Lavender.


Price: Rs 145 for 25 wipes

The Kara Make-Up Removal Wipes come is a green plastic light packaging with a sticky cover that ensures you can seal the top once you have taken out a wipe. I think the brand understood that this is a product needs to be travel friendly so they have ensured the packaging is simple, sturdy and can be easily carried around without taking up much space.


Each pack has 25 wipes. While they come folded in the packaging, once you unfold them you have a white wet tissue kind of a thing which is a little bigger than a palm. You can smell the lavender the moment you open the packaging and the fragrance ensures that it is a pleasant experience using these wipes especially after a long day.


I was a little scared that these wipes might turn out to be little wet wipes which usually leave my face dry but  these removed my  makeup really well without leaving my skin feeling dry or stretchy.  I just need to swipe my face a couple of times with the wipe and I am left with a clean makeup free face. The wipes are very mild and do not irritate my skin at all. They are really soft so I am able to use it around my eye area as well.



The only downside with this wipe is that if you  are wearing very heavy makeup, a single wipe will not be enough and it doesn’t remove things like waterproof mascara.


All in all, these wipes are definitely very useful addition to my skin care routine. I am usually able to avoid not removing my makeup with these wipes  around and they come so handy when I don’t have time to remove my makeup completely after work. The only advice I  would give while using the product i not use it everyday because your skin needs the proper CTM routine but yes for those lazy nights when you are in bed and dragging yourself to the washroom to clean your face seems like the worst thing ever, this product definitely proves to be super useful.