Khud Ko Kar Buland- A Birla Sunlife Insurance Initiative

“I am the master of my fate and the captain of my destiny”
                                                              – Nelson Mandela
My grandmother had this tendency to blame everything she couldn’t explain on fate or destiny so it wasn’t uncommon for us to hear Kismat ka likha kaun badal sakta hain,  kismat hi kharab hain or kismat mein yae likha tha especially when we received a bad news.  On the other hand, my grandpa always found a logic behind everything that happened….so for him it was not kismat mein yae likha tha when a 30 year old guy died of heart attack…it was the years of smoking and obesity that killed him. He always argued….if everything that is going to happen to us is written somewhere then we wouldn’t been given the brains to make our own decisions.  
While as a kid I would always enjoy this cute love filled arguments between my grandparents, as I grew up I did realise why people blamed destiny and fate for what happens in their lives….the reason is simple-its convenient. You don’t have to fight against what you can’t change and well if you are not prepared and life throws you a curve ball…its just easier to blame somebody else (usually fate) then blame yourself for not being prepared. 

I don’t believe that my life is written down somewhere and even if it is, I believe I can do whatever I want. Having said that, I don’t deny that life changes and while some changes are pleasant others might end up affecting it forever but instead of blaming the changes on the “destiny”, I always try to take ownership of my decisions and think of all possible situations and outcomes-the best and the worst.

And I feel that’s the best you can do…whether you are in team fate or team logic….irrespective of which opinion is correct…you have one shot at life…you owe it to your life to be fearless…take chances and follow your dreams but make its also essential that you  have your bases covered because obviously being fearless doesn’t mean being irresponsible.
And I know we have loved ones we can count on when the time is not by our side but then again there is a certain kind of joy on being able to fulfill all your dreams and your responsibilities on your own. A little planning, a little patience and lots of hard work is all you need to be lead an happy and successful life without compromising with your self respect and on things that you want.
The new campaign form Birla Life Insurance talks about this exact philosophy. This little advertisement just asserts the fact that how a little security can help you work towards your dreams and the dreams of people you love fearlessly and with ease.  Do watch the video and support the #KhudKoKarBuland campaign.

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