Kronokare Aromatherapy Flower Power Face Toner: Review

My love and obsession with skin care products continues on the blog with another brand I have grown to love over the past few years and that brand is Kronokare. I got my hands on the whole skin detox range from the brand and have already reviewed the face wash and today I am going to tell you all about the Kronokare Aromatherapy Flower Power Face Toner.


Price: Rs 295 for 100 ml

Kronokare Aromatherapy Flower Power Face Toner comes is a black plastic spray bottle packaging. The spray is covered with another cap to avoid any accidents. The spray pump is super easy to use and I can apply the product without any hassles or wastage.

The toner is colorless and looks like water but it has this subtle floral fragrance which I love. Kronokare products usually don’t have a very pleasant fragrance because they try to keep their products as chemical free as possible but this toner has such a balanced fragrance which is not to over-powering but will definitely lift up your mood.


To use the product, I usually spray it directly on my face but it can be sprayed on cotton ball and used as well. I just find the spray nozzle to be very convenient and just need 2-3 sprays to cover my whole face and neck. The product is pretty light weight and takes a few seconds to dry once applied.


The toner vanishes into the skin after drying without leaving behind any sticky residue. It gives my skin the right amount of moisture and my skin remains oil-free for a good two hours after using this product. I usually have to use alcohol based toners to keep my oily skin in check and this is one of the first toners that gives me the same effect minus all the chemicals and alcohol content.


Overall, I would definitely recommend this toner to anyone looking for a SLS, Paraben and fairly natural product to add to their skin care regime without breaking their bank. It will work really well for normal, dry , combination and sensitive skin but you might not get the desired results if you have extremely oily skin.