Kronokare City Detox Face Wash: Review

As I said in a previous post, I am pretty obsessed with skin care at the moment and when I am looking for products that are chemical-free, Kronokare is a brand that pretty much comes on the top of my list so I was obviously pretty happy to have received their new range of skin care products in my mail a few weeks back. What caught my attention about this range was that it was a skin detox range and aimed at getting rid of all the damage that the heat, humidity and pollution in a metropolitan city causes to your skin which is definitely something I need considering the weather conditions in the city right now. The first product that I am going to review from the range is the Kronokare City Detox Face Wash.

Price: Rs 345 for 100 ml

This face wash comes in a black plastic pump packaging with a separate cap to protect the pump. I have zero complains with the packaging because, one it is sleek so doesn’t take too much space in my travel bag. Two, pump dispenser type packaging is my absolute favorite because they are easier and less messy to use and finally, there packaging is translucent so I know when I need start looking for a new face wash.

The texture of the face wash is pretty smooth and slightly runny so two pumps of the product is more than enough to clean up your face. The product doesn’t have a very fancy fragrance and smells more like a soap but that is pretty much the case with most Kronokare products as they try to keep their products as natural as possible. The face wash doesn’t lather up much, instead it more like a creamy face wash.

The face wash is really mild and cleans up my face without leaving it dry or stretchy. As it doesn’t lather much and is not to strong so don’t expect it to remove any makeup but it does get rid of any oily residue. My skin looks a tad brighter after using the product and I don’t feel like that I have to rush and grab a moisturizer once I have washed my face.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this face wash to anyone who has a a sensitive skin or wants to use products that are not filled with chemicals as all Kronokare products are sulphates, mineral oil, paraben and silicon free.  This has definitely been my go to face wash after a long day to detoxify the torture my skin faced when was put and about.