Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus Range: Review

Is it just me or do other people also forget to use things they buy. I am embarrassed to start yet another post by saying that the Kronokare Mediterranean Citrus Range had been lying with me for a while but the lazy me never got around to do a try it. But I am happy to say that when I finally did try it, I knew I had to talk about it right away for two big reasons which I’ll be sharing with you in a little while.

Lets talk about Kronokare before I dive into reviewing the range. Kronokare cosmetics is all about affordable, SLS and paraben-free products which allow you to do good both to your skin and the environment. Their range of products include soaps, shampoos, conditions, shower gels, body lotions, sanitisers and massage oils. I am going to talk about their Mediterranean Citrus Range which includes a body lotion, a shower gel, a shampoo and a conditioner.

In terms of packaging, all products came in sturdy plastic bottles with a flip top cap. Big high five for plastic packaging as they are definitely more user friendly. Also, I like how the flip top caps are of good quality so I don’t have to concerned about them opening and creating a mess when I travel with them.

I am going to do a mini review of each of the product starting with the body lotion 🙂
Nourish Now Body Lotion :  
I really like the consistency of the lotions because not too thick or runny. The fragrance a little weird but I guess that’s a sacrifice you make if you want chemical free products but thankfully, the fragrance vanishes after a few minutes.I also love how this lotion gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy and keeps it hydrated for almost 7-8 hours and even longer now that the weather has become warmer.
Another benefit of the balanced consistency is that you don’t need to much of the product. i got a sample size of 35 ml which lasted me for almost half a month even though I used it every day. I know sounds unreal…but it did.

Hydrating-Time Shower Gel:
I am a total shower gel addict so I was obviously looking forward to try this one. The fragrance was a concern here as well and it did put me of because when it comes to bathing products, I am a little particular about what they smell like.
What did surprise about this product was the fact that I got a lot of lather from this shower gel. Now I have used SLS and paraben free bathing products before and one of the downsides of such products is that they don’t lather as much.
Overall, it did turn out to be a decent shower gel as it leaves my skin clean and hydrated but I wouldn’t say its my favourite as I like my shower gels to have pleasant fragrance.

Hydrate Your Hair Shampoo:
It smells and looks pretty much like the shower the gel. It doesn’t lather much which proved to be a problem for me because I oil my hair heavily before every hair wash and due to the lack of lather, the oil did not completely wash away.  The good thing that I now have an option of shampoo when I have been lazy and haven’t given my hair a hot oil treatment because this shampoo is very mild and doesn’t dry out the hair. 

Hydrate & Untangle Conditioner:
The conditioner has a different texture than most of the conditioner I have used. Unlike regular conditioner, its less creamy and more runny. The closest thing I can compare the texture to is a body lotion. Its a very light conditioner which gives you moderate hydration with lots of shine and works for me because I have normal hair but if you have dry tresses then this conditioner is too light for you. 

As I mentioned, there were two reasons I wanted to talk about this brand right away. The first is kind of obvious- all products are SLS and paraben free. Now we do have other brands that offer the same but usually these product cost a bomb which brings me to the second reason.  Kronokare is definitely bringing you some all natural products at a pretty affordable price. I know the shampoo and the shower gel did not work for me as well as I had hoped but I am definitely looking forward to try other products from their skin care range. If you want to do the same….check out their website here
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