Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream: Review

I absolutely love Kronokare as a brand and usually, everything I have tried has worked for my skin. This product, however, I was a little unsure about because it was not meant for my skin type. Nevertheless, when Kronokare shared their new range with me and included the Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream, I decided to give it a shot.

Price: Rs 620 for 30 gms


The Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Packaging is very simple. It comes in a tub packaging with a screw on cap. I like the fact that the packaging is travel-friendly but I hate dipping my fingers into a tub to access a product so I wish they had a provided a spatula.


The cream has a gel like texture but more creamy. The cream spreads very easily so I only need a pea sized to cover my whole neck and face. In terms of fragrance, this product has by far the strongest fragrance out of all the other products I have used from the range. I don’t know exactly which ingredient is imparting it something in it has a very strong fragrance.


I have an oily combination skin and the packaging on the tub read that it was meant for dry skin so I pretty much had a very low expectation when I tried this product. It obviously was too oily for day wear but I found it to be a good replacement for my night cream particularly for the normal areas of skin.

I was pretty scared that my skin might end up breaking out because this was meant for a drier skin type but I have not got any new acne or zit since I included this to my skincare regime.

The product does take a few minutes to get absorbed and once it does, there is no greasy or oily film left behind. I am definitely a little conservative when I use this cream because a little goes a long way but my skin feels supple and soft post application.

All in all, I do like the product and I am glad I found a way to use it even though it was not meant for my skin type. It is not too greasy and gets absorbed really well, I did not suffer any break outs and it is SLS and Paraben free so basically, it checks all the boxes of a good face cream.