Kronokare Seriously Stress Busting Relaxing Massage Oil: Review

Around new years, I received this cute little package from Kronokare as season’s greeting and I have been using the products I received, diligently for the past few months. I have used Kronokare products before and was pretty happy with them so I have to say I had really high expectations from these as well. The first product I tried from the package was the Kronokare Seriously Stress Busting Relaxing Massage Oil


Price: Rs. 745 for 200 ml, Rs. 1495 for 500 ml

The Kronokare Seriously Stress Busting Relaxing Massage Oil comes in a plastic bottle  with a flip top cap. I love the hassle free and accident free plastic packaging.The packaging is really sturdy, easy to use, doesn’t create a mess and is completely travel friendly.



The oil is neither too heavy nor too runny which makes it perfect for use even during the warmer months. I am always hesitant to use any kind of an oil because in general oils feel sticky but this one doesn’t leave any kind greasy layer or stickiness behind. I usually apply it post my morning shower and it gets absorbed within a few minutes leaving my skin feeling moisturized the whole day and to be honest I have completely forgotten about the body lotion I had bought after I started using this oil. During January and first few weeks of February, I was using this twice and I have to say it was the most relaxing thing to do after a long day.

The only thing that might bother a few people about this oil is the fragrance. Kronokare doesn’t add artificial fragrances to any of its products including the oil so the fragrance of the product is all natural and even though I like how the oil smells, it might prove to be a little strong for people sensitive to strong scents.


Overall, I am definitely in love with everything about the oil. I usually don’t go anywhere near body oils because I find them to be too messy and cumbersome to work with but this product proved me wrong. My skin feels soft and moisturized after I apply it, it is not sticky, gets absorbed instantly and I personally love the fragrance. I am definitely looking forward to finishing this bottle and trying the other variants available with them.