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Lakme Beauty Masterclass in Association with Femina

A few weeks back I attended this really cool Masterclass organised by Lakme in association with Femina. As I walked into the very beautiful venue of the event at The Metropolitan Hotel in Delhi,  I was asked to pick up a color from Green , Blue and Purple…I went for purple because it kind of looked more like pink :p. 

I reached a little early but by the time I finished first cup of tea, people started pouring in and I met alot of fellow bloggers but the highlight was definitely meeting Deeptima of Beauty Unleashed with Deeptima 

The whole event had been divided into three parts- skin care, makeup and styling and the event began with a session with Dr Roshini Wadhwani, a renowned cosmetologist who addressed skin care, ageing, skin treatments, routines according to skin type and also gave a brief introduction about the Lakme Youth Infinity range. She even demonstrated the correct way to use the products which I found very interesting because at the end of demonstration I actually saw the difference it made.   

Dr. Roshini Wadhwani

Lakme Youth Infinity Range

Dr. Wadhwani demonstrating the correct way to use skin care products 
Notice the difference on the right and left side of the face- correct technique was used on the left side

This was followed by a session with Natasha Nischol, internationally acclaimed makeup artist and she shared a very quick and simple day look with us while grooving on the hot Bollywood numbers that were getting played for the wedding that was going on in the lawns of the hotel  :p  . 
Usually when you see a a famous makeup artist working you imagine her juggling with a zillion brushes and stuff but Natasha actually insisted and demonstrated the fact that  its always better to keep things simple.

Natasha Nischol

Natasha working her magic

Again, notice the difference in the two parts of the face

The last session was about styling and we had Divyak D’Souza , Femina’s deputy fashion editor on the stage. His energy and wit was definitely infectious and he had the attention of the crowd within minutes. He talked about the 4 different body types and gave styling tips pertaining to each type.

Divyak D’Souza

The event also had a very special surprise for us. Remember, I mentioned picking a colored card before the event began…the colors were basically kind of lucky draw for a one to one session with each of the experts that were present that day. Blue was for Skin Care i.e. a session with Dr. Roshini Wadhwa, Purple was for makeup i.e a session with Natasha Nischol and Green obviously meant a session with Divyak.

As I had picked purple I got a one to one session with Natasha and me being the inquisitive soul I am took complete advantage of this opportunity and started asking her all my queries the moment I sat with her.
Here’s what I asked:

Q: How to convert the day look just created to a night look?

Ans: Smoke out the eyes a little more and instead of the peach lipstick, opt for a nice glamorous shade like red.

Q: I have a smaller upper lip, how can I make it look a little more plump and bigger using makeup?

Ans: When you line your lips, line a little outside your natural lip shape near the edges and make sure you apply lip gloss on the middle of your top lip as lip gloss will give an illusion of plump lips

Q: I always end up with what looks like a black eye when I try to create a smokey eye. Any tips to get that perfect sultry smokey look and avoid looking like a panda?

Ans: Keep it simple. Don’t go into too many colors. I hear people saying things like transition colors, blending colors, highlighters and stuff. The more products you use, the greater is the chance that you mess it up. 
For a smokey eye you need two colors- a very dark one and one lighter than that. Cover the lip completely with the dark color but don’t go beyond the crease and then just take the lighter color to blend the harsh edges…just make sure you take your time to blend it.

Q:  My sister has these big droopy eyes, any specific makeup tip to make them look open?

Ans: A highlighter should be her best friend. To make the eyes look open, always apply highlighter on the inner corner.Also, refrain from using liquid liner because they look very harsh, instead take a pencil liner and smudge it.

The one on one consultations

I did have many more questions but there people waiting so I said goodbye, thanked her for patiently answering my queries , thanked the Lakme and Femina team for organizing such an amazing evening and headed home with a very cute press kit that has some of the latest launches of Lakme…I will be reviewing them pretty soon.