Lakme Clean Up Face Mask: Review

Hello everyone πŸ™‚
I hate going to the salon!!!! Yes you heard me right…I hate getting up on the weekend, out of my comfy pajamas and then going to the salon.
Surprised…don’t be.
I hate the “going” there part. Lazy me loves the pampering that I get there but hates the effort that goes into  reaching the place, waiting for my turn, explaining the attendant what has to be done and how it has to be  done and with the temperature rising each passing day, my laziness is also increasing.

So when I saw Lakme  coming out with a new range that promised salon like glow while sitting at home…the lazy part of brain coaxed me into trying it. Keeping the soaring heat in mind, Out of the three (face wash, scrub and face mask) I decided to try the clay based mask.

Price: Rs. 199 for 100 gms

The mask comes in a reddish pink squeezy tube packaging with white screw-on cap. The packaging is simple and super sturdy so carry it around without any fear of any kind of leakage.

The mask has a really thick and creamy texture but on a wet face it does spread pretty easily. There is a mild tingling sensation when you apply it. It has a very faint fruity smell which is not really that of strawberry’s but its definitely fruity.

You do experience a little bit tightening and stretching of skin when it starts to dry but this is something very typical with clay based masks so nothing to worry about. The mask doesn’t take too much time to dry off but yes if you let it dry to much it tends to get flaky.

I have used this face masks for 3 weeks now and I do love how it leaves my skin clean and fresh. Due to the presence of Kaolin in it, it also helps in keeping the skin oil free for a couple of hours. However, I don’t see any glow on my face after application. I do see and feel that my skin is fresh, clean and soft but that amazing glow that follows when you apply a face mask is just not there, and well salon glow is definitely out of question πŸ™ .

Final verdict…if you are dry skinned beauty…don’t buy this, it will just make your skin drier. Normal to oily skin, well if you are a lazy girl like me you can try it but it is not something that will give you any exceptional results…a simple DIY face mask made of chick pea flour, turmeric, lime juice and rose water easily gives you better results.
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