Lakme Clean up Range Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts- Face Wash, Scrub & Mask : Review

When I talked about the Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks…I told you I picked up alot of stuff when I visited the Lakme counter last month. One of the things that I was really excited to try was the Clear Pore range because it was supposed to work for the oily and combination skin and that’s the reason that unlike the clean up range that had strawberry extracts I picked the complete trio this time. 
Lakme Clean up Range Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts comes in this mint green packaging with labels, logos and ingredient list printed in silver. No complains in terms of the packaging. I went on weekend trip last week and carried them around without facing any issues.

Lakme Clean up Range Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts- Face Wash

This is a little different in terms of packaging from the others as it has flip top cap. The face wash has a slight green color and a strong fruity fragrance. Personally, I hate face washes that don’t lather and are too creamy because I don’t feel they clean the face properly. This face wash is not the kind that would lather alot but it lathers enough so that you are able work with on your face. 

I love that it leaves my skin feeling clean without making it  completely dry and stretchy you require alot of product because the gel just breaks, spreads and falls of your palms when you are trying to lather it up.

Lakme Clean up Range Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts- Scrub

The packaging is similar, but unlike the face wash it has a screw on cap. The product is pale green in color, thick and creamy in consistency. The scrub has minute beads in it which makes it a very mild scrub

I don’t like this scrub because I find it too be a little too creamy and the required abrasiveness is missing. It does leave my skin soft but it doesn’t really do anything on the blackheads and whiteheads…..I had a lot of them near my nose and even after concentrating on them while I applied the scrub, I did not notice too much difference.

Lakme Clean up Range Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts- Mask

The packaging is the same as the scrub. The mask looks and feels like toothpaste. It has a very thick consistency and you need to have a wet face to apply it properly. 

I noticed a little stinging sensation when I applied it especially around the nose area where as I mentioned earlier I have skin problems like blackhead and acne.The stinging sensation is not very strong and it just means that the mask is working on the problem areas.  The stinging sensation subsides after 2-3 minutes and the mask dries within 5 minutes.

I get soft and clean skin after I use this mask it also gives me the glow which was missing in the one that had the strawberry extracts.

Final verdict on the trio….love it. I am a little disappointed with the scrub but I love the face wash and the mask and after a long day, when my skin is all dull and lifeless, I use this clean up range to give myself a mini clean-up session.  If you have an oily-combination skin like me, you should definitely try this range….a small tip…use the three before you go to bed at night and wake up to a glowing and fresh skin 
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