Lakme Gentle and Soft Deep Pore Cleanser: Review

Hey everyone,
I have to admit that most Lakme products don’t work for my skin. They are either too strong or completely ineffective on my combination oily skin. However there is one product from this brand that has always been a part of my skin care regime and that’s there cleanser. I usually bought the cleanser from the fundamental range but this time I could not locate anywhere so decided to try the Gentle and Soft deep Pore Cleanser instead. 

Price: Rs 75 for 60 ml.

The cleanser comes in a sleek white plastic packaging with a flip open cap. The product on the other is a white cream,smooth and thick in texture. It has a mild floral fragrance which lingers for a few minutes before fading away.

The things that I like most about the product are that for one, 60 ml goes a long way and second is that its very mild. It did not cause any reaction to my skin which is pretty rare. The packaging mentions that its for normal to dry skin which is kind of true. The only thing is  that when you clean up all the makeup from your face using the cleanser, for oily skin, it has to be followed by washing your face with a mild face wash other wise it leaves an oily layer behind. 
For dry skinned beauties, like my mother. Just take a small quantity of the cleanser on a cotton bud, clean your face with it in small circular motion. Now take a wet cotton bud and wipe of the extra cleanser left on your skin followed by your usual toning and moisturizing.

I am not to sure whether the fundamental range has been discontinued or not, but Gentle and Soft deep pore cleanser almost seems like the cleanser from the fundamental range but in a different packaging.Anyways, ladies out there who are just venturing into makeup, I suggest you add this to your kitty as this is one of the best cleanser available in this price rang and it tends to suit most skin types.