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Lakshmi Coffee House @ Sector 29, Noida

Even though I like my fair share of coffee’s at CCD’s and lunch at The Big Chill or maybe dinner at some other place with a fancy name, I love visiting the dhabas, the food trucks and the mid way restaurants.I am always on the look out for such joint and for most parts I have had a really good experience at such places. Thanks to my friend N, I discovered one such place a few years back in the Noida area. Lakshmi Coffee House is one of the oldest restaurants in Noida and its located in the busy Brahmaputra Market at Sector 29, Noida. 

Ambience is not the best thing about this place and to be honest I was kind of surprised that N was raving about a place that looked like this. The restaurant has a very simple ambience with decent seating arrangements. The service on the contrary is great, its quick and the staff is quite prompt.

Now the ambience might not impress you much but I can assure you that if you like South Indian cuisine then  you will fall in love with the food. The taste of the food is great and the quantity they serve will definitely surprise you. 

Dosas are almost overflowing with the delicious stuffing, idlis are moist and fluffy and vadas are a little crispy on the outside and just soft enough on the inside . The sambhar is a little spicier than what you find at most famous restaurants serving South Indian food however I prefer the spicy-sour sambhar rather than the sweet one. Also you can have as many refills without facing any frowning from the staff. The dosa, idli and vada are also accompanied by  2  types of chutneys- the coconut chutney and the tomato chutney. I am not a big fan of the tomato chutney as I feel it lacks in flavor however the thick coconut chutney pretty much makes up for it.

Mysore Masala Dosa

Paper Dosa

Masala Idli (Image Source: Here)
Rice Platter( Image Source: Here)
I have tried quite a lot of things from the menu but my favorites are the mysore masala dosa, fried idli, the rice platter which has 3 types of rice with rasam and the paper dosa. The rasam is another thing you have to try especially if you visit the place in the winters…it just leaves feeling so warm and fuzzy just like rasams are supposed to do.

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