Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Part I- Your Queries

If you guys follow the blog’s page on Facebook you probably know that I was considering getting a laser hair reduction treatment done for my facial hair. I kind of had the problem for a while and like most ladies out there, I used bleach to reduce their visibility but because I have a pretty sensitive skin, the bleach use to leave my face with red and dark patches and I had to go through Aloe Vera gel treatment  to resolve that. I know people also get facial hair removed through waxing but that just scared the hell out of me. Finally after multiple discussion with my dermatologist, I finally decided to stop torturing my skin every month and just get the laser treatment done. 

I am sure alot of you face the same problem so I have started this series on the blog where I am going to talk about the treatment and also keep you all posted about the results and how effective it is as the treatment progresses.

Before I start sharing my experience with you…I want to know what you want to know about the treatment. As I was planning to get the treatment on my face, I literally bugged my doctor for days with all sorts of questions that I could think of so however I might have missed something.
So ladies…I am ready with my notepad and pen with my doctor on the speed dial…..so let the questions flow πŸ™‚
Leave all your questions, queries and doubts about laser treatment by commenting below and in the next part of this series I am going to tell you all about the treatment as well as address your queries πŸ™‚