Laser Hair Reduction Treatment Part II- The Treatment

So last week I posted the first part of this series. For those who did not read, well I am basically going to share my experience of the laser hair reduction treatment with you guys. Its a common procedure these however people do have a lot of question…atleast I did when I went for it so I am hoping that I might be able to help some of you who have been contemplating about getting the treatment done. 
Before I start please note that I am in no way advising you to get this treatment done or endorsing it in any way . It is completely your decision. I am just sharing the knowledge I gained in the past couple of months while undergoing the treatment and my experience. So lets start with the basic:

What is laser hair reduction?

A laser hair reduction treatment is a new technology for skin treatment. It is the procedure that utilizes lasers containing carbon dioxide to remove excessive and cosmetically unpleasant hair. 

How does it work?

Not to get into too much science, basically a concentrated beam of light is aimed at hair follicles to damage them and prevent future growth. So you are trying to kill the root of the hair in order to ensure that the hair stops growing.

Is it hair removal or hair reduction?

The reason I refer to it as hair reduction is that I distinctly remember my doctor correcting me when I said removal. This is so because unlike the common belief laser doesn’t remove unwanted excessive hair at one go. It happens in stages and requires several treatment cycles with spacing between them. The spacing depends on the body area being treated. 

I was considered a medium case as my hair growth was not alarming but yes it was there and it looked odd and after looking at it my doctor anticipated that my treatment would go on for a span of atleast 2 years and include 5-6 seatings. So make sure you consider this and talk about it to your doctor before you get the treatment done.

Anything that needs to be done before the treatment?

Yes there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you get the treatment

  1. Inform your doctor in case you are on some medication especially if you are on any kind of     anti depressants, anti inflammatory or antibiotics. Some medications might interfere with       the treatment and cause reactions.
  2. Get your hormone levels checked. I would recommend this as one of the most common reasons behind abnormal hair growth is hormonal imbalance in the body. Its   not compulsory but obviously if the problem is because of some medical issues, getting the hair reduction treatment done wouldn’t really help until and unless the other issue is   resolved. 
  3. Do not wax or bleach the hair of the area you want to get the treatment. The laser targets the color of your hair so if you wax it or bleach it the treatment would be useless. also you cannot get any of these done during the process of the whole treatment.

Does it hurt?

That depends on the laser. There are two kind of lasers- Intense Pulsed Light(IPL/iPulse) and long-pulsed Nd:YAG . IPL is the painless one whereas  Nd:YAG is a little painful. 

My treatment has started with the IPL laser as the my hair growth is not extreme and the hair I have are very fine. A numbing cream or an ice pack is used to numb the area before pulsing it with the laser. I felt no pain, burning sensation or any kind of irritation with IPL. There was no redness or inflammation after the treatment.

Even though I did not experience the Nd:YAG laser, I spoke to a patient who is getting the treatment done with Nd:YAG and its not too painful buts its a pin prick sensation. Its basically used to reduce thick and coarse hair as IPL is not too effective on them. 

Is it permanent?

No its not. There is always a chance that some hair follicles survive and you see hair growth again. I have heard alot of stories from friends who went to get this treatment and were promised that they wouldn’t see any growth again. This is definitely not true because its completely a case to case scenario and whoever gives you a so called “guarantee” is just making false commitments to you.

Anything that needs to be done after the treatment?

Make sure that you wear a sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun as exposure can cause pigmentation and as I mentioned before no waxing/threading or bleaching the hair till the treatment gets over.

Here is my before and after pictures after the first seating

So I have tried to answer the usual questions but if you still want to anything else just drop a comment 🙂