L’Oreal New Revitalift Laser X3 Renew Precision Eye Cream: Review

For most part of my life, I was blessed with a skin that responded to even the most basic care but now that I am in my late twenties with a job and a interest that both takes toll on my skin, I have started noticing that my skin is not as resilient as it used to be. I am a data consultant so I do spend a large part of my day infront of a laptop and whatever time I have left goes into the blog which not only involves spending more time in front of a screen but also testing and trying new products on me. All this screen time has started to take its toll on my under-eye area and in my quest to reverse the damage I have already done, I decided to try the L’Oreal New Revitalift Laser X3 Renew Precision Eye Cream.

Price: Rs 1025 for 15 ml

The L’Oreal New Revitalift Laser X3 Renew Precision Eye Cream comes in crimson red tube packaging with a screw on cap and a metal applicator. The applicator has a slant surface and you need to squeeze the product out of the tube and apply it directly. Even though the shape of the applicating edge is perfect for the under-eye area, I do not prefer applying the cream directly for hygiene reasons and instead use my good old fingers to tab the cream in the required region.

The product is a white cream with a light texture that helps it to spread easily. The product does have silicon in it which enables smooth application and helps the product to get absorbed in a matter of seconds. Due to the silicon present in the cream, you can easily apply it during the day as a primer to prevent your concealer from creasing or fading.

The texture ensures that you do not feel any heaviness after application of the product and that a little quantity goes a long way. Post application, my skin feels more hydrated and after regular usage I have found that my under-eye area looks brighter, less puffy and a bit smoother. I however did not notice any difference in my dark circles which is an issue with me because that was one of the major reasons behind switching to this eye cream.

Overall, I like the product and it acts as the perfect primer and night cream for me but it did not have any effect on my panda like dark circles. It is a useful product if you have any kind of dryness in the under eye are and to make it look a little brighter or prevent fine lines due to dryness.