L’oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

Hey Ladies,

I remember reading somewhere ” Not to prime is a crime” and well if you have an oily skin like me this statement definitely makes a lot of sense. In India, unfortunately we don’t have too many options when it comes to primers and those which are available are very expensive. So when I came across L’oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer on the L’oreal counter I decided to give it a try. 

Price: Rs. 800

Quantity: 15 ml.

What the website has to say about the product:

Smoothness you can touch, transformation you can see, even up close!
BASE MAGIQUE transforming smoothing primer instantly smooths pores and creates an even surface, so that you get a more flawless make-up result that lasts.
The product comes in a transparent jar packaging with a black plastic lid and a cardboard packaging.The outside packaging is a little deceiving as the cardboard packaging has a false bottom. The jar packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly though it is a little unhygienic but it also allows you to use the whole product and the transparent jar allows you to see how much of the product is left.

The primer is in a soft pink cream form. The texture is thick but not waxy. Even though the texture is thick, the primer blends easily and gets absorbed quickly and you  just a little bit of product to apply on the whole face.The product fills the pores and hides imperfection and fine lines and thus provides a smooth base to apply foundation. 

I have been using the primer for a while now and I can see that it helps in keeping my face fresh and glowy the whole day. I also felt that after applying the primer I was able to apply and blend my foundation very easily. Also it has a mattifying effect on my skin and prevents my skin from becoming oily for a good 5-6 hours. It has no fragrance and does not leave any kind of tint or whitish cast behind and thus you don’t have to worry about it showing up in photographs.

The only thing that I don’t like about this primer is the fact that it is a silicon based product which might  not suit some people  and cause them to break out. Fortunately i did not face any such issues and the product break me out.

So to summarize, lets look at yays and nays of this primer

  • Sturdy and travel friendly packaging.
  • The texture is soft and smooth.
  • It blends  and absorbs into the skin very easily.
  • Has a mattifying effect on the skin.
  • Leads to better application of foundation.
  • Leaves the skin glowing and dewy.
  • No whitish cast or tint.
  • Easily available
  • The external packaging is deceiving.
  • The tub packaging is unhygienic.
  • Its a silicon based product.S
So my final verdict is, that if you are looking for a pocket friendly primer and are comfortable using silicon based products than you should definitely try this.
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