L’Oréal Paris Hydrafresh Anti Shine Icy Gel: Review

Thanks to the fact that I have a combination skin, I end up going on this never ending quest to find a moisturizer that would work well with both the oily as well as the normal part of the skin. On this journey, my next pit stop was the L’Oréal counter as one of my blogger friends suggested I give the L’Oréal Paris Hydrafresh Anti Shine Icy Gel a try.

Price: Rs 550 for 50 gms
Packaging is not something I like about this product because it comes in a glass tub packaging and I think by now all of you know I detest tub packaging to add to that I absolutely hate when companies pack such expensive products in a glass packaging….I mean come on…I am pretty sure I am not the only clumsy one out there.

The texture is as the name suggest is obviously gel based. I like the minty color and the fact that its not very thick. It spreads very easily and gets absorbed in a matter of seconds. It leaves behind a nice cooling sensation which is something I really appreciate in this hot weather. It also has very minty fragrance which I like but it might be a little strong for some people.

Coming to the claims:

Controls Skin Temperature– I am not really sure what that even means so no feedback on this claim
Skin Cooling Texture– Yup…and brownie points for the cooling sensation 
Makes Skin Smooth and Fresh– Yes it does. My skin doesn’t feel oily or over-moisturized…the product gets absorbed before I can say L’Oreal and well leaves it feeling pretty soft and smooth
24 Hours Hydration and Mattifying– Ummm….ok….well obviously claiming 24 hours hydration is taking it a little too far but yes I don’t feel any dryness for over 6-7 hours which is pretty good :). It also keeps my skin matte but again not for 24 hours and I don’t see any oiliness for 3-4 hours. However, I don’t think its a product that will suit normal and dry skin.

All in all, I like almost everything about the product apart from the glass and tub packaging. I love the texture, the gel gets absorbed so well leaving the skin all soft and fresh and well the cooling sensation is definitely a bonus. I know its a little expensive but I am sure my oily skinned counterparts would agree with me when I say that if it keeps oiliness at bay then spending a few extra bucks is totally worth it. It of course doesn’t work to well on dry and normal skin as the hydration provided by the product would prove to be inadequate for these skin types.

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