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L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow in Cosmic Black: Review, Swatches and EOTD

I hate freebies…no no I am not crazy…it’s just that I hate
them because I don’t get to choose the freebies that I get.  So obviously I made a lousy face when I got
this dirty green looking eye shadow from the L’Oreal L’or Electric collection as
a free gift when I bought some stuff from them…I even bugged the SA for a while
asking her if I could choose the color I want but she refused….between you and
me…I am glad she did…want to know why…well as usual read on and you will find
The eye shadow I was just talking about is called Cosmic
Black…another classic case of “people naming shades need color blindness test”
😛 because Cosmic Black is actually a dirty green-khakhi shade with gold
shimmer in it.
The packaging is pretty straight forward. The eye shadow
comes in a transparent container with a silverish cap. There is a separator in
between the cap and the eye shadow which has conserver written over it.

The texture is somewhere between loose pigments and powder
eye shadow. I say this because unlike loose pigments you don’t need any sticky
base for the eye shadow to remain intact on your eye lids but the finish is
definitely more similar to the one you get with loose pigments. There is
definitely a slight fall-out problem with this eye shadow due to the presence
of the shimmery particles but don’t worry the fall out is not the kind that
would leave you looking as shiny as a disco ball…just wipe the cheeks and under
eye are using a wet tissue after you apply the eye shadow and you are good to
The pigmentation is amazing. I did not even have to layer
too much….you can actually the true color with just swipe and it completely
covers your eye lid in one go.
The staying power is amazing. Even without a primer the eye
shadow doesn’t budge for a good 5 hours. I did not see any creasing or fading
in this time period. Obviously this staying power gets enhanced when you wear a
I am so glad the SA was adamant enough to not change this
shade because honestly given a choice I would have never picked it up myself as
I am not a big fan of the green family when it comes to eye shadows. This is
definitely an exception. ….It is one eye shadow that I find myself using when I
am in the mood for something different. Whether I am just wearing a wash of
this color on my eyes or I decide to smoke it out….this color instantly adds a
lot of glamour to my face.

It definitely looks not very appealing in the container…but
it takes this 180 degree turn when you apply it….unfortunately I am not sure if
this is still available but you can definitely try to locate it.