L’oreal Paris Total Repair Smoothening & Repairing Serum: Review

Life is all about struggle and one of my biggest struggles is taming my frizzy hair. I have invested in so many serums to get the desired results but they never seem to be able to balance  my oily scalp with my dry hair. L’Oreal products have worked well for me in the past so I decided to try the L’Oreal Paris Total Repair Smoothening & Repairing Serum this time around.


Price: Rs 150 for 40 ml, Rs 230 for 80 ml


The L’Oreal Paris Total Repair Smoothening & Repairing Serum comes in a  white plastic bottle with a bright red flip-open cap.  All the products of L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 range come in a similar colored packaging and the serum is no different.

The cap locks with a sharp click but I wouldn’t call it exactly travel friendly because I ha a few accidents with it when I decided to carry it around with me. I eventually had to transfer it to a different bottle.


Texture & Product

The serum is basically a colorless and runny liquid. Though it is oil, it has a very light and non-greasy texture. It also has a very faint floral fragrance which vanishes as soon as you apply the serum.


My Experience

The packaging and the brand says that the serum can be applied in two ways; on damp hair and on completely dry hair. I prefer using it on wet hair since it gives better results for my hair type.

The trick to effectiveness of this product is figuring out the correct amount for your hair otherwise you end up with hair that may feel limp or completely unruly. My hair looks quite shiny post application and feels quite manageable and soft. The serum controls my frizzy hair to a big extent but not completely particularly if the weather is quite humid.

Final Verdict

I do like the the serum but I am still struggling with the problem of keeping my oily scalp happy. I usually try and keep it away from the scalp because it is really heavy and gets my hair all weighed down. It keeps my hair all happy and manageable but my hunt for the perfect serum continues.

Have you used the L’Oreal Paris Total Repair Smoothening & Repairing Serum ?

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