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L’Oréal Paris True Match BB Cream: Review and FOTD

Even though 2013 said goodbye to us like almost two months back…I get reminded of it every time I look at vanity….Why?….well thanks to all the BB creams lying on it. Remember how excited we all were when the first BB cream entered the market….and then it started raining BB creams….I have tried pretty much every brand…the ones that are left were Colorbar and L’Oréal. I picked both of them around new years and today I am going to review the L’Oréal Paris True Match BB Cream

Price: Rs. 550 for 30 ml

In terms of packaging….well L’Oreal Paris BB cream definitely has the prettiest packaging to look at amongst all the BB creams I have tried till date.  The beige and gold tube with the metallic cap looks very chic and classy in my opinion. Other than the color combination, the packaging is a normal squeezy tube with a screw on cap.

The texture of this BB cream is well balanced….its not too thick or too runny . It almost feels like a thick body lotion and thus you don’t face any issues in applying or blending it. 

The coverage is pretty decent. I would say it gives you light coverage which you can build up but the problem with it is that if you apply too much you feel it getting heavy on your skin….plus blending becomes a little difficult. 

Another issue that I faced with this BB cream was that it leaves a very heavy whitish cast that takes almost 15- 20 minutes to subside. I think this happens because this product has SPF 35 and unfortunately the whitish cast is not subtle so you do need to keep the time it requires to settle in mind  before you walk out of the door unless you want to go out looking like a ghost.

Even though application is a little tricky, the finish that this BB cream gives you covers up for that. Once it has settled down, it brightens up the skin and adds a nice glow to it without making it shine like a disco ball. In fact, the finish settles down to give you an almost matte finish.

Even though in itself the product doesn’t really feel dry on the skin, I did find that it accentuates the visibility of dry patches so it is kind of necessary to team this up with a decent moisturizer

Staying power is average. It stays on me for 3-4 hours, and keeps my skin matte for almost the same duration. I did notice a bit of a fading but nothing drastic. 

The biggest issue I faced with this product was finding the right shade for my skin tone. They just have three optionsNeutral( G1 Honey),Warm( G2 Gold) and Ivory( N1 Ivory). I tried to buy Gold but it wasn’t available anywhere, Honey was way too light for me so I bought Ivory….which is definitely a shade lighter than what I wanted. Now with the mismatched shade and the whitish caste….I have no other option but to take the help of my trusted Lakme bronzer to look my normal self :p. 

All in all, this BB cream gets kind of an average feedback from me. I do love the fact that it gives me a nice glow with matte finish and the added advantage of SPF 35….but thanks to the lack of shade selection I have to put in an extra effort to make it work for my skin and that just nullifies the natural look I was looking for when I pick up any BB cream. If you find the right shade try it….. but don’t forget to hydrate your skin before you use this.

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