L’Oreal Paris True Match Minerals in Golden Beige: Review

I have never used any mineral makeup so when my sister got me the L’Oreal Paris True Match Minerals Foundation, I was pretty much over the moon. For those of you who don’t know what mineral makeup is well basically created using minerals such as iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide micronized, or grounded and milled into tiny particles to create makeup. Because this type of makeup does not contain any additional preservatives, it is not only sensitive skin friendly but also doesn’t clog pores, prevents acne and absorbs excess oil so it is pretty much everything I could ask for in a makeup for my skin type.

Price: Rs 1400 for 10 gm

The L’Oreal Paris True Match Minerals Foundation comes in a plastic jar with a transparent lid. The transparent lid is protecting the brush that in turn sits on the top of holes through which the product can be sifted out. I quite like the fact that the jar is transparent because I can always see how much of the product is left. Also, the brush is detachable so if I want to transfer the product to separate jar, I can do that which is what I usually do.


There are two ways to use this product – use the attached brush or remove the brush and take out the product to apply it using your own makeup brush. I prefer the latter because the attached brush is pretty useless. The attached brush looks dense and well packed but the bristles are quite dry and feel itchy on my skin. Also when I use the attached brush, I have no way to control the coverage so I usually detach it, take out the product required and apply using my own powder brush.

The shade I got  is Golden Beige and it is a very close match to my skin tone ( I am a NC 41). The Nykaa website shows around 6 shades but at most outlets I visited only 3 shades were available which is kind of a disappointment considering L’Oreal is such a huge brand in the Indian market.


Application of this product is a little tricky and you have to ensure that before you apply the foundation, you are wearing a good moisturizer which the product can adhere to. I had used this product over a gel based moisturizer that vanishes into my skin in a matter of seconds and I felt that the foundation just sat on  my skin. This happened a couple of times and I was almost ready to give up on using this when I accidentally used it over my sunscreen that was still getting absorbed and viola, the foundation settled down giving a perfect finish. I did a little bit of a research and found that this was pretty common with powder based mineral makeup as lack of additional emulsifiers, they need a little bit of help to get absorbed.

The powder has a pretty light in texture and quite finely milled and the coverage of the product is light but you can layer to build up the coverage to a medium. The product gives a matte finish but settles a dewy look after an hour or so.

The staying power is not that great and on my skin in this hot and sweaty weather, the foundation barely sticks around for 2 hours. The good thing is that because it is a powder foundation, I can easily touch up my makeup without a lot of fuss but yes the touch ups have to be a bit to frequent with this product.

I have been using this foundation for a good 2 months now and I have had no acne or skin irritation since I have used this. I wouldn’t say that my acne is under control just because I am using this foundation but the lack of a long of list of chemicals and the texture does help. The best part about this product is that it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin which is something I totally appreciate in this irritatingly hot weather.

Overall, my first experience with mineral makeup has been pretty average. I like the texture and how it feels on my skin but I have to say it is too much of an effort to apply it. Also, the powder does have a tendency to fly around when I am trying to get to the product which creates a mess every time I use this and the frequent touch ups don’t help either. I will suggest this if you have a really sensitive skin or are looking for a light natural coverage but I think I will have to search a bit more to find my holy grail mineral foundation.