L’oreal Paris White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening Eye Cream: Review

The third decade of my existence is finally here and so is all the headache regarding upgrading my skincare. I am blessed with a skin type that does keep the ageing at bay but I obviously do not want to push my luck. I was always using an eye cream but I wasn’t always regular with it so the first change in the routine was to get a good eye cream and stick to it. The one I began this change with is the L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening Eye Cream.

Price: Rs 620 for 15 ml


The L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening Eye Cream comes in a blue and white opaque tube with a silver screw on cap. The cap protects a nozzle opening. The packaging is very sleek so its easy to carry around and the nozzle lets you apply the product to the under-eye area directly with ease.

Texture & Product

The texture of this eye cream is quite light and non-greasy. The cream does feel a bit slippery to touch but that works in its advantage as you do not have to make to much effort to apply it and you need a a very small quantity to cover the under eye areas.

My Experience

I have been using this eye cream regularly for the past month and this is one of the few eye products that have worked for me. It is very light and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. It does leave a whitish cast behind for a few seconds when you apply it but it vanishes after a few seconds. Also, like I said, the texture ensures that I do not need a lot of product so this tiny tube has already lasted me 4 weeks.

 My sleep schedule always goes for a toss when my husband leaves thanks to the time difference so I have been up till 3 am in the morning for the past month and obviously I developed dark circles. The eye cream has definitely countered the torture I have been putting my eye through and I don’t get those “get enough sleep” look from my mom.

I really do not buy into the whitening claim so I am not going to say it has made my under eye area fairer but yes my dark circles are lighter and the area around my eye looks brighter. I also love using it as a base for my concealer as it helps in getting a smooth and even finish.I already have an oily combination skin so I usually prefer a lighter cream so this product works for me but if you have a dry skin, then I would not recommend this. Also, this is a silicon based cream, so if you are allergic or have sensitive skin then please skip this product.

Final Verdict

I do not have permanent dark circle issues but I do get them time and again so its nice to have a product that can get rid of those pesky dark circles effectively. I do not like anything heavy or greasy around my eyes so things work out fine in those areas as well. Its a good product but for particular skin types so make sure you do a patch test before applying it under your eyes.

Have you used the L’oreal Paris White Perfect Magic White Double Whitening Eye Cream?

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