L’Oreal Super Liner Sapphire Blue Gel Intenza 36 Hours Eyeliner in Sapphire Blue: Review and Swatches

After obsessing over kajals and particularly colored kajals, I moved on to being obsessed with gel liners. There is something about gel liners that I can’t seem to get enough of them. The latest addition to my ever-growing gel liner collection is the L’Oreal Super Liner Sapphire Blue Gel Intenza 36 Hours Eyeliner in the shade Sapphire Blue.


Price: Rs 875 for 2.8 gms

The L’Oréal Super Liner Gel Intenza comes in a glass jar with a golden screw on cap and a liner brush. I love the packaging because it looks fancy, is super sturdy and the tiny size ensures that it doesn’t take too much space when you decide to travel around with it. The applicator brush is of a decent quality and the brush is firm enough to give you good control so that you can create thin or thick lines but not so stiff that it pokes the eye.




In terms of the formula, the liner is really smooth and creamy so it just glides on the eyelids. I love how effortless application is and because it is just the right amount of creamy, working with it to create everything from a normal liner to an extravagant wing is a piece of cake.

The liner takes a little time to dry which has its pros and cons. The very obvious good thing about it is that in case you have a made a mistake, there is a scope to make correction before the liner dries but the downside is that you have to wait for the liner to dry to avoid getting it onto your lids which can prove to be pretty annoying when you are in a rush.


The shade Sapphire Blue is absolutely true to its name and a gorgeous navy blue shade with iridescent light blue shimmer particles. To be honest, when I had placed the order for this gel liner, I was eyeing Royal Blue which is brighter but I am so glad I ended up buying Sapphire Blue instead because it is the perfect blue to wear on an everyday basis. Also, the shade is so subtle that you can pair it up with any shade of lipstick you want.


The pigmentation is definitely a major plus of this product. One swipe and you get a nice layer of color on your lids. I was a little concerned looking at the quantity and the price tag but the pigmentation is so good that I have barely used up any product even though I have been using it for months now.

The brand claims that the staying power of the liner is around 36 hours and even though I haven’t really tested the claim because that would be out rightly crazy, I can safely say that the liner doesn’t budge for a good 12-13 hours. There was no fading, no flaking and the liner pretty much did not budge till I removed it using my eye makeup remover


Overall, I am so in love with this liner that I can’t stop talking about it. The quality is outstanding, pigmentation is great, the color is gorgeous and price is a little on the steeper side, the product is worth every penny. Highly recommend you try this!!