L’Oreal White Perfect Whitening & Moisturizing Toner: Review

When it comes to buying a toner, I am usually not someone who deviates from certain ingredients because toner is one of the most essential parts of my skin care regime. However this time when I decided to buy a new toner, I wanted something different because my skin wasn’t reacting too well to the usually skin friendly components of my go-to products. So instead of walking into a Fab India or a Body Shop outlet, I went to a L’oreal counter and I picked up the L’oreal White Perfect Whitening & Moisturizing Toner.


Price: Rs 499 for 200 ml.

L’Oreal White Perfect Whitening & Moisturizing Toner comes in a plastic white bottle with a blue flip top cap. The product is dispensed through a small hole in the cap which  dispenses right amount avoiding any kind of wastage. The cap shuts very tightly so there is no leakage which makes the packaging travel friendly.


The product is cloudy whitish  liquid with a very runny consistency. It has this mild pleasant fragrance which vanishes within a few seconds of application. I like the consistency and it definitely helps with quick absorption. I switched to this toner when my skin was feeling drier than usual so I wanted something mild which is exactly how I would describe the toner. I am not going to go into the whitening effect claim because that is not something I believe in but it does keep the moisturizing claim to some extent as it leaves my skin clean without making it dry or stretchy. There is no stinging sensation or irritation when you apply it and it gives a decent oil control.  I wasn’t sure how effective the toner will be considering how mild it is but to my surprise it cleaned my face really well.


 I do not have any major pore issues but my little sister does and she has seen a bit of a difference. Also, I did not face any breakout issues after using the toner which is something that is always a concern whenever you switch to a new product. Having said that, I do feel that I might have to go back to a stronger toner when the hot summers and the super humid monsoons are here but this is definitely a good option for the periods of weather changes and winters.


Overall, I think it is a good toner if you are looking for a mild product which you can use without the fear of having breakouts , extreme dryness , any kind of irritation or reaction to the skin. I particularly liked how it gave me the essential oil control while keeping the normal parts of my skin from feeling dry.It is a good round the year option for people with normal and dry skin but for someone with oily or oily combination skin i.e. my skin sisters, it might prove to be a little ineffective during the summers or monsoons when our skins can give any oil rig a run for its money.