Lotus Herbal Liquorice & Green Tea Fairness Gel : Review

So I turned 24 a few months back and my dear mommy like most other mommies out there has started eating my ears off about getting married and that she wants to start looking for a suitable match for me because in her  words – it takes time to find a compatible match

While I’ll can’t really say if she is right or wrong when it comes to matrimony…I definitely know one area where compatibility is proving to be a difficult issue and that area is finding a moisturiser for my oily -combination skin.

So in the quest to find the the “Mr Perfect” moisturiser, I picked up the Lotus Herbals Liquorice & Green Tea Fairness Gel. Was it another major disaster or did it work for my skin…read on to find out 🙂

Price: Rs 245 for 100 gms.

The Lotus Herbals Liquorice & Green Tea Fairness Gel comes in a transparent bottle with a transparent cap and a pump dispenser. I love the pump dispenser because its hygienic , but it also becomes a problem because the main cap comes of pretty easily. 

The product is a light green colored gel. It has a mild fragrance that vanishes after a few minutes of application. The gel is not too thick so it spreads easily and a very small quantity is enough for the face and neck. On application it feels a bit sticky but after like 15-20 seconds, the skin feels really hydrated and moisturised

What I love about this moisturiser is that it gives my skin just the right amount of moisture without making it too oily. It also ensures that my skin remains matte for almost 4 hours. The things that I don’t like is the fact that it has no SPF so I have to apply sunscreen over this which basically nullifies the effect of the gel and its mattifying effect. Secondly, even though I love how it is currently working for my skin, I can see that it won’t work this well in the winters and it wouldn’t work for people with dry skin.

As usual the fairness claim was completely bogus. I did not see any skin lightening or  the so called fairness effect on  my skin and neither did I have any expectations from it in this front so no disappointments here.

The good things about the product:

  • Comes with a pump dispenser which is pretty hygienic and user friendly
  • It spread pretty easily and gets absorbed in a jiffy
  • A small quantity is enough to moisturise the whole face and neck
  • The skin feels really hydrated and moisturised after application
  • Moisturises the skin without making the skin oily
  • Skin remains matte for almost 4 hours
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easily available

 The not-so good things about the product:

  • The cap comes off really easily so you can’t really carry it around
  • No SPF
  • The moisturising effect will not be enough in winters and the product wouldn’t work for dry skin

I like the product…atleast for now. It is working great for my skin during this hot and humid weather but I definitely have my doubts about how it will work once the weather becomes a little cold. I tam pretty happy with it at the moment so I think I’ll keep using it atleast for atleast a couple of months.

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