Lush Once Upon A Time Body Lotion: Review

Like I promised, I am back with another Lush product review. This time we are going to talk about this body lotion that I knew I had to have after I took a whiff of the tub. So without any delay or my usual long introduction, lets talk about the Once Upon A Time Body Lotion.

Price: $10.48 for 100 gm


The Lush Once Upon A Time Body Lotion comes in the classic lush black tub packaging. Like I mentioned in my other lush cosmetics post, the packaging is travel-friendly, super sturdy and easy to use. The name of the person who created the mask is an amazing personal touch to the whole thing.


Texture & Product

The body lotion has a very cream and thick texture. The product is pale white in color and smells heavily of lime. The fragrance is really strong so its not an ideal product for someone who is averse to strong smelling product. The texture is pretty scary initially and I honestly thought that it is not meant for someone with oily skin or hotter weather but that is not the case. The lotion spreads very easily and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin or leave any oily residue behind

My Experience

Like I said, this product had me at the first whiff. I was not really looking for a body lotion per say but then the shop assistant told me try this and I was in love. The texture does take a little getting used to but even with the thick texture, the lotion gets absorbed pretty quickly.

My skin gets pretty dry in winters and changing weather so I always need something extremely powerful to keep my skin hydrated. This product does exactly that. My initial reaction to the lotion was that it is too heavy and will leave an oily residue but the lotion vanished into my skin within seconds.

The fragrance becomes softer once the lotion is applied and lingers for a good half an hour post application.The lotion keeps my skin hydrated for a good 8 hours in the freezing weather in Delhi and more than 10 hours in hotter temperature.

Final Verdict

I am usually not someone who goes with shop assistant recommendations very often but I am glad I did with this one. It is one of the best body lotions I have used in like forever. The fragrance is amazing and I love how my skin feels after I use this lotion. Overall, I would definitely recommend this for anyone who can get their hands on it and I pretty sure you are not going to regret using it.

Have you used body lotion from Lush?

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