Magic Dust Acne Gel: Review

What do you do when in a world full of chemicals, you find a brand that has products made of natural and organic ingredients? Well, you grab hold of as many products as you can and give them a permanent place on your vanity.

That is exactly what I did when I discovered the brand Magic Dust. Magic Dust is a certified organic and natural skin care company and according to its founder, the few factors that set Magic Dust products apart from its competitors are the potent organic formulations with distinctive fragrance, attractive packing and complete purity.

It was definitely not an easy decision to decide what to try first from all the products available. However, the combination oily skinned girl in my head made a decision to try the acne gel face cream first. Acne has been like a nemesis for my skin type since eternity and if this product could help with that, then it would be like the product of the year for me.

Price: Rs 1500 for 90 ml ( Available on Amazon)


The Magic Dust Acne Gel comes in a glass tub packaging with a metallic golden screw on packaging. The packaging is pretty simple and easy to travel with. As you know, I am not a big fan of tub packaging so I use my own spatula to take the product out. Other than my personal pet peeve with tub packaging, overall I have no complains about the tub in general.

Texture & Product

The product is a smooth pink colored gel with a thick texture. The cream has a great consistency and it is very easy to apply. The thing I love about the product the most is that it smells like lavender and its not the fake floral fragrance, it is the real deal.

My Experience

I was a bit skeptical about the efficacy of this product.  It is very rare that I  find any products with natural ingredients that worked on my stubborn acne and acne marks but this product surprised me.

The product leaves a nice cooling sensation post application. It gets absorbed in a few seconds and feels almost like water on the skin. My skin feels really soft and moisturized post application. I also noticed that the acne marks on my cheeks started getting lighter after like 15 days.

I also noticed that I was getting less acne in general even though the weather was changing. It also helped with the slight pigmentation I had started developing near my lip area.

The only concern I have is that it is not meant for any skin type other than oily skin. It is very light for even a normal skin type so it won’t work for dry skin. I do have to use a bit extra on my cheek area which is the normal part of my normal combination skin.

Final Verdict

I am quite happy with the product and love what i has done for my skin. There were no magical results but it did deliver everything it claimed on consistent application.

My only concern is its effectiveness for other skin types but I would totally recommend it for oily and oily combination skin types.

Have you used Magic Dust Acne Gel?

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