Makeup Academy Pro-Base Prime & Conceal in Yellow: Review, Swatches & Demo

It has been quite a while since I have reviewed anything from Makeup Academy(MUA) on the blog and that is not because I do not like the brand or the products but I just wasn’t able to get my hands on them. Finally before my wedding, I did a small haul of UK based brands including MUA and got them delivered to the relatives that were flying in for the wedding. I am really excited to share details of all the products I got so I am quickly start talking about the Makeup Academy Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Concealer in the shade Yellow.


Price: £2.00 for 3.4 gms.

The Makeup Academy Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Concealer comes in a round plastic pan packaging with a transparent lid. The packaging is pretty simple and easy to work with however the lid is a little flimsy so I have to be careful when I open and close it. Also, I wouldn’t say it is travel friendly because the lid doesn’t have durability so I have to precautions and I usually tape the lid to the base whenever I am travelling with it.


The concealer has a very smooth buttery texture and is definitely one of the softest concealers I have used till date. It blends like a dream, doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on the skin, doesn’t settle in fine lines, doesn’t look cakey and the best part is that it does not crease which is not something you see very often in such creamy concealers.


The reason I wanted to get a yellow concealer was because I was having alot of acne issues and major redness around my nose. Now I know you can always cover the areas I mentioned with a normal concealer but it doesn’t really give the even finish I am looking for. Colored concealers basically work on the color combination logic so the redness of the skin and the yellow tinge of the concealer together make an orange base which is a color that is more close to a normal skin tone so when you wear a foundation over it, your base looks more even. Yellow concealer also gives a brightening effect that looks more natural than wearing a highlighter. I have used the concealer for both these effects and I love the results.


Another way to use the concealer is to use it to counter dark circles as well but if you have sever dark circle issues then it might not prove to be very effective because the pigmentation is light to medium however the light texture ensures you can build up the intensity as per your need. I do not have heavy pigmentation under my eyes so it does work for me specifically on days when I need my eyes and face to look awake. I love the effect so much that on days when I want to have a no makeup look, I wear it on areas I want to highlight and wear a light coverage foundation over it.


All in all, I have been loving this concealer lately and it has become an integral part of my base routine. It helps me to get an even finish and the added bonus is the natural glow if you use it as a highlighter. The quality of the product at the price it retails at is superb and I am definitely looking forward to the other color variants of the concealer from the range.